The Tool for Rapid Assessment of City Energy (TRACE) 

The Tool for Rapid Assessment of City Energy (TRACE) was developed by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), a global technical assistance program administered by the World Bank. The tool is designed to involve city decision-makers in the deployment process and to help cities quickly identify and harness energy efficiency opportunities. It targets underperforming sectors, evaluates improvement and cost-saving potential, and helps prioritize actions for energy efficiency interventions.

TRACE focuses on the municipal sectors with the highest energy use: passenger transport, municipal buildings, water and wastewater, public lighting, power and heat, and solid waste. The tool can provide energy benchmarking, which compares the target city with peer cities globally across 28 key performance indicators collected from 93 cities around the world. The tool can also perform sector prioritization, which ranks sectors according to their energy efficiency potential, and provide energy efficiency interventions, including high-level strategic programs and specific activities that the city can pursue, which are supported by 191 global best energy efficiency practices.

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Energy Sector Management Assistance Program, World Bank