Quick Facts:

Located in southern China; capital of Guangdong province; third largest city in China.

In 2015, GDP: 1.84 trillion yuan; GDP growth rate: 8%; per capita GDP: 134,066 yuan; tertiary industry as share of total: 67%; urbanization rate: 85.53%;

all primary energy supply (coal, oil) is imported from outside city; energy consumption in 2015 was 56.88 million tons of coal equivalent.

Target as reflected in the U.S.-China Climate Leaders Declaration: 

To achieve the peaking of CO2 emissions by the end of 2020;

Make detailed action plan of greenhouse gas control in 2020; adjusting energy structure, controlling the total amount of energy consumption, exploring renewable energy, greatly increasing energy efficiency, promoting green buildings, constructing low-carbon transportation systems, promoting the recycle and reuse of resources, implementing emissions trading, and prioritizing the development of low carbon technology and related industries.