Quick Facts

Located at the northern tip of the North China Plain;

China’s capital and second largest city; a directly-controlled municipality under the national government;

China’s political, economic and cultural center.

In 2015, GDP: 2,296.86 billion yuan; GDP growth rate: 7%; per capita GDP: 106,284 yuan; tertiary industry as share of total: 78%; urbanization rate: 86.5%;

Lack of energy resources; energy consumption in 2015: 74.545 million tons of coal equivalent.

Target as reflected in the U.S.-China Climate Leaders Declaration: 

To achieve the peaking of CO2 emissions around 2020.

To increase urban sustainable development level by promoting regional cooperation; to optimize and upgrade economic restructure; to improve the market emission reduction mechanism; to develop and apply advanced low-carbon technologies and products.

Climate Action Plan: 

Beijing Government published its "13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Action (in Chinese)" in August, 2016.

Year Declaration Signed: