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U.S.-China Climate Change Working Group (CCWG)

The U.S.-China Climate Change Working Group (CCWG), first launched in April 2013, is a comprehensive framework for facilitating constructive U.S.-China cooperation and dialogue on climate change.

The CCWG currently includes nine action initiatives covering major sectors of the economy.

In 2013, the CCWG identified five initiatives with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by addressing the largest sources of emissions in both U.S. and China.

  • Heavy-Duty and Other Vehicles, which now includes the Race to Zero Emission Bus Program
  • Smart Grids (renamed as the Electric Power Systems Initiative in 2016, with two associated workstreams – Smart Grids and Power Consumption, Demand, and Competition)
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Industry
  • Collecting and Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

Three more initiatives were launched in 2014:

  • Climate Change and Forests
  • Climate-Smart / Low-Carbon Cities
  • Industrial Boilers Efficiency and Fuel Switching

One more initiative was launched in 2015:

  • Green Ports and Vessels

These action initiatives, guided by joint implementation plans, are led by interagency actors on both sides and engage a diverse group of stakeholders including national and subnational governments, universities, civil society, and the private sector.

In addition to the action initiatives, the CCWG includes two additional elements. First, it facilitates constructive dialogue and collaboration to support implementing President Obama and President Xi’s 2013 commitment to phase down production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Second, the CCWG hosts a regular Enhanced Policy Dialogue on pre- and post-2020 action, including in the context of the international climate negotiations, as well as on respective domestic plans for achieving climate targets.

CCWG Climate-Smart / Low-Carbon Cities Initiative and the Summits

The Climate-Smart / Low-Carbon Cities Initiative of the CCWG was launched in November 2014 in the Presidential U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change. 

Under the initiative, the United States and China hold an annual Climate-Smart / Low-Carbon Cities Summit. The first Summit was held in September 2015 in Los Angeles. The second Summit was held in June 2016 in Beijing. The 2017 Summit will be held in Boston. The Summit includes multiple elements, including a high-level plenary at which leaders declare their resolve, ambition, and actions on climate change; working-level technical exchanges to share experience and best practices; and an exhibition to highlight solutions to climate mitigation and resiliency